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Easee One

Easee One

Now EV's favourite EV charger for a huge amount of reasons, packed into a tiny stylish unit. View Easee's data sheet here


4G or WiFi

Equipped with a built in e-sim for lifetime 4G data connection with the ability to connect to local WiFi networks.


Offline Load Management

If data connection is lost the Easee's will communicate between themselves to continue to monitor and deliver the safest amount of charger to each unit on the circuit.


Multiple Chargers

For domestic installations 3 Easees can be supplied by just one circuit, and for commercial installation up to 101 chargers can be linked together to create a perfectly balanced charging network.



Just tap an RFID tag from your keyring onto the front of the Easee to start and stop charging, stopping any unwanted use of your charger. Including cable locking to stop cable theft which can be left on permanently to create a tethered charger.

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