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A Terraced Housing Group Project

At Now EV, we're proud to showcase this impressive, terraced housing group project that takes sustainable living to new heights. Four properties, each with nearly identical home solar panel installations, provide eco-friendly living and energy efficiency for every homeowner. 

Jinko 410 Panels Leading the Charge

Two of the four properties benefit from four Jinko 410 solar panels each, which we positioned strategically on the South-facing side to absorb optimal sunlight throughout the day. Meanwhile, the other two properties elevate the energy game, boasting eight Jinko 410 solar panels each on both North and South-facing sides, ensuring maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day.


Wildlife-Friendly Mounting

Each solar panel installation in Milton Keynes is secured with Van der Valk solar panel mounting, guaranteeing durability and efficiency coupled with solar panel bird proofing. This cutting-edge solution safeguards wildlife while maximising energy production.

Smart Energy Management

Due to minimal annual electricity usage, there's no need for battery storage. The Myenergi Eddi is on duty to heat the hot water tank at each property, ensuring surplus solar energy is channelled efficiently in the immersion, avoiding exporting excess energy back to the grid.


EV Charging Redefined

The Myenergi Zappi EV charger installation Milton Keynes takes the spotlight at one property with an EV, optimising EV home charging while minimising grid dependency, and creating a seamless blend of sustainable living and cutting-edge technology.


With each terraced housing project, we're not just helping to build homes; we're constructing a sustainable legacy. 


If you are searching for solar panels for home please contact us today for professional solar panel installers in Buckinghamshire and beyond, and join us on this journey towards a greener, more energy-efficient future!

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