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Enhance Your Solar Charging Experience with Ohme's Solar Boost Feature

Harnessing solar energy to power electric vehicles is becoming increasingly popular for eco-conscious consumers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

At Now EV, we're excited to introduce you to the enhanced Solar Boost feature now available with Ohme Home Pros and Ohme ePod chargers installed after January 2023.

What is Solar Boost?

Solar Boost represents a significant advancement in charging technology, designed to maximise the use of solar energy while minimising reliance on the grid. This innovative feature allows electric vehicle owners to charge their cars using solar power generated from their own photovoltaic (PV) systems.

How Does Solar Boost Work?

When enabled, Solar Boost monitors solar energy production and waits until a sufficient threshold is reached (typically around 0.72kW). It then begins charging your electric vehicle using this solar energy. To ensure consistent charging, Solar Boost supplements any shortfall with grid electricity, maintaining a minimum charging rate required for your vehicle.

Benefits of Solar Boost

Cost Savings: By prioritising solar energy, Solar Boost helps reduce electricity bills associated with vehicle charging.

Environmental Impact: Minimise carbon emissions by using clean, renewable solar power for your daily commute.

User-Friendly: Integrated into the Ohme app, Solar Boost offers intuitive controls for easy management of your charging preferences.

Are You Eligible?

To enjoy the benefits of Solar Boost, ensure your Ohme Home Pro or Ohme ePod charger is installed post-January 2023 and includes a CT clamp for accurate energy monitoring.

If your device meets these criteria, you can activate Solar Boost directly from the Ohme app's "My Charger" section.

A picture of the app being used to turn solar boost on.

How to Enable Solar Boost

Open the Ohme App: Navigate to the "My Charger" page.

Toggle Solar Boost: Simply activate the Solar Boost feature to begin utilising solar energy for your vehicle charging needs.

Scheduling with Solar Boost

Optimised Charging: Schedule charging sessions to coincide with peak solar production, maximising your green energy usage.

Flexible Options: Customise settings to align with your energy tariff, ensuring efficient charging and cost-effectiveness.

Not Eligible?

If you find Solar Boost unavailable on your Ohme device, it may be due to installation prior to January 2023 or the absence of a CT clamp. Contact our team to explore upgrade options or register interest for future Solar Boost releases.

Get Started with Solar Boost Today!

For more information, consult our EV charger and solar panel installers in Buckinghamshire or visit our website to discover how Solar Boost can transform your electric vehicle charging experience.

Join Now EV in paving the way for greener, smarter energy solutions with Solar Boost and contact us today for professional EV charger installation and solar panels in Milton Keynes!

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