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What is EV Charger Load Management?

Two types of load management allow users of EV chargers to maximise their charging rates without overloading the main supply. You will hear us refer to these terms during your enquiry if your main fuse is less than 100amps.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) requires a current transformer/ CT clamp to be fitted around the electricity meter tails to continuously monitor the total energy usage of the building. The charger DLM is then set to match the size of the main fuse protecting the electrical installation, 60/80/100 amps for domestic properties and as high as 250 amps plus for commercial buildings. EV chargers with load management charge at a maximum of 32 amps unless the energy usage around the house plus the EV charger exceeds the size of the main fuse, then the charger will reduce its charge rate to protect the main fuse from overload.

For example, a house is protected by an old 60amp main fuse and has an electric hob, oven and heated shower. The installed Zappi charger will be fitted with the supplied CT clamp and DLM is configured to 60 amps to match the main fuse. When the hob, oven and shower are in use the total energy usage is 40amps so the Zappi charger will reduce its charging rate from 32 amp to 20 amps, totalling 60amps!

CT clamp for EV charger load management
CT Clamp

CT clamp above is normally wired from the charger to the electricity meter with 2 core data cable.

Static Load Management is a far simpler method to protect your electrical supply. Most EV chargers have the ability to be permanently set to a desired charge rate. The maximum demand of the electrical installation would need to be determined, either by calculation or by turning everything on a measuring the current with a clamp meter. The amount found is then taken away from the size of the main fuse and the remaining sum is the maximum that the charger can be set to. This method is handy when a CT clamp cannot be installed, the charger does not have DLM or a large amount of chargers are installed in a commercial setting.

Do you need dynamic or static load management? We will always try to utilise a chargers DLM ability by installing the CT clamp as this will give you the absolute maximum available charging rate so you can charge your electric vehicle in the fastest time.

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