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Case Study: The Power of Jinko Solar Panels and Myenergi Innovations

Updated: Jan 13

With fluctuating energy costs and the cost of living crisis, harnessing the power of the sun has become a popular choice for homeowners looking to not only reduce their utility bills but also shrink their carbon footprint and help the environment. Our talented team of solar panel installers in Bedfordshire designed and installed the remarkable combination of 13 Jinko Neo N-Type 420w solar panels in Milton Keynes, the innovative Birdblocker, and the robust Van der Valk roof solar panel mounting system. These elements form the foundation of a home energy revolution that's helping households regain control over their energy consumption.

The Great Jinko Neo N-Type 420w Solar Panels

At the heart of this transformative energy setup are the 13 Jinko Neo N-Type 420w solar panels. These high-performing solar panels capture the sun's rays with unmatched efficiency in the industry with their cutting-edge N-Type technology ensuring optimal energy production even in different weather conditions. So, even on cloudy days, you're still generating power!

Protecting Your Investment: The Birdblocker

Solar panels are a long-term investment, and protecting them is crucial to their efficiency. That's where the Birdblocker comes in with a clever solution that not only protects your panels by deterring wildlife but also ensures they stay free from debris and damage.

Mounting for Success

For solar panels to perform at their best, positioning is important. Our experienced solar panel installers in Milton Keynes installed a Van der Valk's roof solar panel mounting system that ensures our customer's panels soak up the maximum sunlight and it's an investment that pays off in energy savings in the long run.

Storage Power

To truly make the most out of the benefits of your solar panels, you need energy storage. Enter the newly released Myenergi Libbi 10kWh battery.

The Myenergi Libbi 10kWh battery is a game-changer in the world of renewable energy. It serves as a reservoir for surplus energy generated by your solar panels during the day. When the sun is shining at its brightest and your panels are producing more energy than you need, this smart battery kicks into action, capturing and storing that excess power for later use and even integrates seamlessly with the Myenergi ecosystem, including your EV charger and more, allowing you complete control of where your energy goes.

Powering the Heat Pump

Beyond powering their appliances, this eco-friendly energy setup also contributes to heating hot water and their existing air source heat pump, making it an integral part of our customer's home heating and hot water system.

Control at Your Fingers: Libbi Controller

The Libbi controller acts as the brain of our customer's energy setup, allowing them to effortlessly manage their energy consumption. It's the bridge that connects your Myenergi software with your other products like the Zappi EV charger and Eddi immersion heater.

As energy independence and sustainability are becoming increasingly attractive, this complete energy solution offers not just savings but peace of mind for the future and shows how innovative technology can reshape the way we power our homes, reduce our carbon footprint, and regain control over our energy costs.

So, if you're ready to jump towards a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle for yourself and your family, consider the power of solar panels and smart home innovations to help transform your home and contact our solar panel installers in Buckinghamshire today.

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