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Can you charge your electric vehicle at 22kW?

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Most domestic properties have a single phase electrical supply, this mean that a common 7.2kW EV Charger is the most powerful car charger that can be fitted onto the electrical installation.

Some larger domestic properties and most commercial properties have the luxury of a three phase electrical supply, this means the more powerful 11 or 22 kW EV chargers can be fitted. Allowing for 2-3 times faster charging!

However, just because you can have a 3 phase 22kW EV charge point does not mean you will benefit from it. Some PHEV hybrid vehicles can only charge at 3.6kW due to their smaller battery size, and some all electric vehicles are only capable of single phase 7.2kW charging. There are of course larger EVs like the Audi E-tron & Tesla Long Range that would really benefit from a 22kW charger at home or at work.

Some electric vehicles are capable of 150-350 kW DC charging at super fast chargers around the country. These chargers send a DC current to the vehicle rather than an AC current, which bypasses the internal AC-DC converter in your vehicle and charges the battery directly. These are a lot faster and can charge a battery in a matter of minutes.

Look into the specification of your EV or PHEV vehicle to see what charging speed it is capable of!

It is definitely better to have the most powerful charger possible so you can future proof the installation for when you move from hybrid to all electric for example and need faster charging speeds, but a 7.2kW charger is more than enough for home charging.

See our shop for a range of 3.6-22kW EV Charge Points!

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