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Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

Solar panels offer an affordable and energy-efficient way to power your home.

That being said, many homeowners are still wary about investing in solar energy.

If you are thinking about choosing solar panels for your home but have a few concerns, then the blog below should be able to put your mind at rest.

Read on to discover the five most common misconceptions about solar panels in the UK.

1. Solar panels only work when the sun is shining

If you live somewhere where there is not a lot of sunshine, then you may be worried that solar panels will not generate enough energy for your home.

However, you should know that solar panels can work in pretty much all conditions, even in areas that get a lot of rainfall and minimal sunshine. This is because solar panels collect light, not heat.

2. Solar panels are expensive

One of the most common misconceptions about solar panels is that they are too expensive for most families to afford. While the cost of solar panels ten years ago was high, they are now around 70% cheaper, making them a viable solution for many UK households.

There are also several funding options that enable you to pay for your solar panels over time. Furthermore, you can even make so

me of your investment back by selling any unused energy back to the grid.

3. Solar panels are for homeowners only

Although it is a lot more straightforward for homeowners to install solar panels, that doesn't mean that it is not possible for people who rent.

If you are renting and are interested in the benefits of solar energy, you will need to get your landlord's permission before you install solar panels on the property.

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, we provide premium solar panels in Aylesbury at highly competitive prices.

4. Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

If you are worried about the upkeep of solar panels, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that they require very little in the way of maintenance.

Once your solar panels are installed, the only maintenance you need to do is to remove any accumulated dust or debris that has become trapped on them so that they can continue to work efficiently.

Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, heavy rainfall, and sleet, so you do not need to worry about them becoming damaged.

5. Solar panels will damage your roof

Any homeowner knows just how costly roof repairs can be, which can put people off the idea of solar panels. However, when you install solar panels on your roof, the parts that they cover are actually more protected than the areas that are not. This means that solar panels can actually help to prevent roof damage.

Furthermore, if part of your roof does become damaged due to another external factor, such as bad weather, then your solar panels can be easily removed so that you can carry out any necessary repairs.

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