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Top Maintenance Tips to Get Peak Performance Out of Your Solar Panels

Solar panels can do wonders in terms of reducing your utility bills and letting you live more comfortably at home for less. This was driven home by the shocking rise in energy prices this past while. Energy prices, in fact, still haven’t dropped to pre-Ukraine war levels, which has meant that many are struggling with the cost of living crisis. Investing in solar panels can be a very smart way to divest from the traditional energy network. Over-relying on external energy means you are entirely at the behest of the energy companies and even the international and political landscape.

Getting solar panels, on the other hand, helps you lose less from the main grid. You can then enjoy hot showers, heating, cooling, and so on at a highly discounted rate or even for free if your system takes in enough electricity.

To get the most out of your investment, however, it is key that you know how to keep your solar panels in top condition. To do just that, follow these key maintenance tips:

· Minimise Shade on Your Panels

If you live in a single-story property, or your panels are installed on the grounds of your estate, then you need to minimise shade by trimming nearby trees and shrubs. While solar panels can indeed capture energy even on cloudy days, they fare far worse if they’re in the shade. Installing solar panels in Aylesbury is best done in the sunniest position that you possibly have, especially if your property gets shade from nearby buildings.

· Regularly Clean Your Solar Panels

Dirt can also limit how efficient your solar panels are at capturing energy from the sun. That’s why you need to regularly clean your solar panels with a gentle soap and rinse them off thoroughly. How often you need to clean your solar panels depends entirely on the conditions near your home. If you live near a quarry, for example, and see a lot of dust kicked up often, then you’ll need to have your solar panels cleaned more often than someone living in a lush green countryside.

· Keep Track of Performance

One of the best ways to understand if there’s an issue with your solar panels is to keep track of their performances. If you notice a drop in energy collection, it’s time to inspect why. If you can’t find any reason, then bring in the professionals. If it’s a manufacturer’s fault, you’ll want to get in touch to have the repairs fixed on your behalf or even have the panels replaced.

· Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your Battery Capture System

In order to make the most out of your solar panels, you also need to maintain the battery that stores the energy for you throughout the day. Run system checks and do basic maintenance and repairs (like keeping it clean and dust-free) to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. You may also want to bring in the experts to run a full diagnostics and maintenance check every year or so to ensure it’s in top working order.

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