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Solar Panel & Battery Installation in Aylesbury

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How do solar batteries work?

With any solar PV system installation, the energy generated by the panels is converted from DC to AC electricity by an inverter, then distributed around your property. For older solar panel installation without a battery, any excess energy is exported to the grid. During summer months, this can be a significant amount of energy lost every day.
With a GivEnergy battery storage system, any left over energy that is not used around you home is sent into the battery. Depending on how much energy is generated on the roof and the size of the battery, you could store enough to power your home the next day. The renewable energy stored is available to be discharged during peak energy usage during the day (when cooking or using a kettle) and throughout the night, making the most of your solar energy. 
Our talented battery installers can answer all your questions, spanning the size of battery needed for different usage to if the battery can power your home during a power outage.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more.

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Givenergy power flow chart

Solar panels generate energy to power the house, charge the solar battery and export to the grid for an SEG payment. The battery discharges to match your home demand if there is not enough solar generation

Once the solar panels are no longer generating energy or if weather conditions are poor, the home battery storage kicks in and discharges to power the house. If fully discharged the house will rely on the grid for power.

During the colder months can benefit from charging the battery from the grid when energy prices are cheaper, like with an Octopus tariff. The charged battery with assistance from the solar panels will power your home.

Our No.1 battery storage system

GivEnergy Battery

GivEnergy has created an end-to-end ecosystem for homeowners and businesses to take complete control of their energy usage.

GivEnergy batteries work strategically with smart tariffs from Octopus (like Octopus Agile) and other energy suppliers. The built-in algorithms will ensure the battery is charged from surplus energy from the property's solar panels or the grid during super cheap price plunge electricity.

With a market-leading 12-year warranty on all GivEnergy products and an unlimited cycle limited warranty on the GivEnergy battery installation, this is a hard-to-beat system compared with other popular brands in the UK.

The vast range of products includes the popular hybrid inverter and battery storage; AC coupled battery storage for customers with an existing PV array; the new three-phase high voltage hybrid battery system; the GivEnergy All-In-One with the Gateway for UPS backup supply; and finally, the new GivEnergy EV charger.

Givenergy all in one battery installation
Givenergy Advanced Installer Shield
SolaX 9kWh battery installation

Our No.2 battery storage system

SolaX Power

The G4 X-ESS system is the Red Dot Winner and 4th generation hybrid solar PV inverter with stackable X-ESS solar battery storage units from a highly experienced company with over eleven years in the Solar PV market.

​The G4 inverter features 150% PV overpowering, a huge ambient temperature rating of -30 to 50 degrees Celsius, built-in WiFI for remote monitoring, and a built-in changeover switch for emergency power supply.

​The X-ESS battery storage system features 3.1kWh units stackable up to a total of 12kWh per inverter, a high voltage operation for faster charge and discharge rates with a sleek, modular design for installation in all locations. The inverter can be scheduled to charge the battery during economy 7 hours or discharged during periods of high export rates.

​The wide ambient temperature range is unlike anything else on the market and allows for the solar PV system to be installed outside or in a loft without a decrease in performance. Most other systems only have an ambient temperature range of zero to fifty degrees Celcius.

A Recent Project

 17 Trina Solar Panels
6kW SolaX Hybrid Inverter
9.2kWh SolaX Battery Storage

Five Star Google and Trustpilot review:

"Excellent service, we have used Now EV Ltd for our EV charger and Solar panels. Michael was brilliant at his work, went the extra mile for us!!!! Now EV were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and hard working. Happy to deal with any queries we had and still happy to do so even after the jobs have been completed. We wish him all the success with his business and will definitely recommend Now EV to others. Thank you so much!"

Wendy - Aston Clinton, Aylesbury

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flat roof solar panel installation

Home battery for existing solar panels

Works with the Feed-in-Tariff

Adding a home battery to any solar panel system can be hugely profitable, especially for those registered with and receiving the Feed-In-Tariff payments.

Properties with solar panels can receive the FIT payment for 50% of solar panel-generated energy and benefit from storing it in a battery. This stored energy is available day and night as the home's energy consumption changes. Solar panel system owners can use up to 60% more of their solar energy around the house with a solar battery.

These are AC-coupled battery storage systems, as the solar battery has its own battery inverter/ charger and works alongside the solar panel inverter. We love working with SolaX and GivEnergy for these AC-coupled battery storage installations, and the GivEnergy All-In-One is our recommended battery system for this purpose!

Givenergy three phase battery

Become energy independant

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