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Solar PV in Aylesbury

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Expert Solar PV & Battery Installers

When you choose Now EV for your solar panel installation, you put your trust in a wide range of accreditations and certifications to ensure your PV installation is fully compliant, safe and completed to the highest standards. Our solar installers are members of MCS, Trustmark, Napit, Greendeal, HIES Consumer Code, and more.

All our solar panel installations are completed in-house by Now EV's professional solar panel installers. We are a family-run business with decades of combined experience in an array of electrical installations, notably for over 420 five-star rated EV charger installations. As members of the Micro-Generation Certification Scheme (MCS), every solar panel installation we complete complies with all relevant standards and regulations.

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HIES Consumer Code

We passed the strict accreditation process to gain membership with HIES, this gives you access to the consumer advice line, dispute resolution and the industry ombudsman. HIES consumer code is for protecting customers and giving them the confidence they need to invest in a solar panel and battery installation. Read more

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MCS Certified

MCS is an important mark of quality for the equipment you buy and the installer you choose. Choosing an MCS approved installer is vital to ensure your solar panel installation is completed to highest standard with MCS approved solar PV equipment. Consumers should always search the MCS database for installers. Read more.

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Insurance Backed Warranty

Our solar PV and battery installations are backed by an IBG Insurance Backed Guarantee. In the unlikely event that we cease trading within two years, any issue that should be covered by the year two warranty will be honoured by another HIES approved installer and their insurance.  

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Napit  Member

The fundamentals of any solar PV installation is the electrical wiring, which is why we are members of NAPIT as fully qualified electricians. As a member we are assessed on-site regularly to prove our competency, and to ensure we hold all necessary insurances for our industry.

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Solar Panel & Battery Systems

High Grid Independence

Solar PV Panels & Battery Storage

Solar panels combined with a solar battery is a superb way to utilise as much of the solar energy generated by the PV array if an owner typically spends a lot of time away from home or consumes a low amount of energy during the day. Surplus solar energy not consumed around the home is diverted into the battery, which then discharges later in the day around the building when the PV array is no longer generating energy.

Medium Grid Independence

Solar Panels Only

Installing only solar panels is an excellent solution for owners who will consume a large amount of the solar energy generated by the PV array during the day, typically owners who work from home or businesses that consume energy during the day. You want to use as much solar energy as possible to reduce exporting it to the grid for a low price, reducing the payback time on the installation costs.

Low Grid Independance

Battery Storage Only

A battery-only installation utilises the development of solar batteries and the range of off-peak electricity tariffs. Owners of battery-only systems charge the system during the cheaper off-peak hours of their electricity tariff between 12:30 am and 4:30 am, for example. The solar battery then discharges once energy is needed around the home. How long the battery lasts is down to how many kWh of energy is used daily and the size of the battery system. 

Complete Grid Independence

Off-Grid Solar PV

An off-grid system is perfect for owners who no longer want to pay for standing charges and electricity costs, or owners in remote areas with an unstable or unreliable electricity supply. The grid electricity supply is 'cut off' and all electricity is generated by a solar panel array during the day with solar battery storage used throughout the night. This type of system will typically cost more, but the electricity costs and carbon emissions are reduced to zero.

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We’re really passionate about creating a more sustainable future for the residents of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, and Northamptonshire. Whether you’re investigating solar panels in Aylesbury, the idyllic settings of Aston Clinton, Wendover, Thame, and Haddenham, or the dynamic urban landscapes of Oxford and Bicester, our team is committed to delivering top-tier sustainable solar pv panels to your rooftop. We like to think our service is characterised by its unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. We’re not just installing solar panels; we are forging a path towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for our communities. If you are looking to buy solar panels for your home or investigating commercial solar panels for your business, please do get in touch to take your first step towards energy autonomy and environmental responsibility.

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