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EV Chargers in Aylesbury & Milton Keynes


Carbon Footprint

One full electric vehicle charge via the grid causes 40gCO2/km in carbon emissions, one-third of that emitted by fossil fuel vehicles. EVs charged via renewable energy emit 0gCO2/km, helping save the environment one vehicle at a time.


EV Charging Speeds

An average 60kWh battery will charge in around 8 hours with a 7kW EV home charger at 30 miles per hour, with up to 90 miles per hour with a 22kW charger.


Costs to Charge

Charge-at-home energy bill tariffs average around 28p per kWh, meaning an electric vehicle with a 60kWh battery will cost only around £16.80. However, some tariffs like Octopus Go can help reduce this further.

Using home or public EV chargers for your electric vehicle costs far less than filling up a regular petrol or diesel car. Ultra-rapid charge products are also available to offer convenience and ease for long journeys. Contact our friendly team of energy experts today to learn more about our specialist lines, such as Simpson and Partners.

EV Charger Installation Services

Hypervolt EV Charger Installation
Easee EV Home Charger Installation
Givenergy EV charger

Home Charging

A smart EV charger in Milton Keynes tailored to your needs, installed at your home from £880. Excl OZEV Grant.

Workplace Charging Scheme

Drive employees and attract new customers. WCS Approved EV Charger Installer for EV drivers who work from home

Solar Integration

EV home chargers to work with any existing solar panel install in Oxford. Charge your EV from surplus solar PV generation

OLEV / OZEV approved for the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) and all domestic grant schemes for landlords, flat owners and rented properties.

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Over 350 5 Star Reviews on Google our  EV charger installations.

Eliminate CO2 Emissions, minimise fuel costs, and protect our environment!

Free Quotes

Get a free remote quotation by sending us images & videos on WhatsApp. Our friendly team responds same day to all enquiries.

Short Lead Times

We promise to install your EV charger within 20 working days, at a time and date that suits you.

Upgrades & Repairs

If you've got an old 3.6kW or Type 1 EV Charger that's too slow or won't fit your new EV, it's time for an upgrade!

Five Star

Check out our five-star reviews on Google, as we believe communication and customer service are equally important as high-quality installations.


The ability to charge electric cars from energy produced from renewable energy like solar panels is crucial to reduce future stress on the grid. With the increasing number of electric vehicles needing to use large amounts of energy to charge and the cost of electricity on the rise, using free home-generated energy from solar panels is incredibly valuable.

EV chargers like the Myenergi Zappi use CT clamps to detect and divert any solar energy and export it to the grid after powering your home or office. 


Charge an electric car throughout the day and make the most of your solar panel system with a solar EV charging point.

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Our EV chargers are Compatible with all electric and hybrid vehicles:

Compatibile EV charger install brands
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