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How to Make Your Solar Energy, Go Further: Top Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners across the country are looking into adding solar panels to their homes. With the massive rise in energy prices, anything that can help you save in the long run is absolutely worth looking into. How much energy you can expect will depend on where your home is located, the pitch of your roof, and how much surface area you have to work with. Getting solar panels in Milton Keynes, for example, has become a popular option for homeowners looking to lower their utility bills.

If your home is a good candidate, of course, then there’s one last secret you’ll want to know – that lowering your energy usage can mean more of your energy needs are handled by your own solar panels.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised at how many energy-wasteful things homeowners are still doing. While these tips can help everyone, they’ll be of particular use to those with solar panels since you can combine your lower energy usage with your own energy production to drive down your running costs immensely.

Install a Smart Home System

If your home only ever used the amount of power it needed and not one kW more, then you’ll automatically save without even noticing there’s a difference in terms of how you live. That’s what the smart home system is for. While you can go all out and set up your system so that it makes you coffee when your morning alarm goes off, most will be interested first and foremost in the energy-saving capabilities. Your smart home system can take control over your lights, sockets and even heating and turn those systems on more efficiently so that you don’t accidentally waste energy you don’t need to.

Switch All Your Lightbulbs

If you are still using incandescent bulbs, then it’s time to switch. You aren’t doomed to live with bright white light, either, as LEDs and other energy-efficient bulbs come in a variety of tones. You may prefer a neutral white light, for example, or a warmer glow. Regardless of what you prefer, those bulbs are going to give you the ambience you want while using significantly less power overall. As a bonus, those bulbs also last far longer than traditional options.

Start Using the Eco Setting

Most appliances today have an eco-setting. These settings use less energy and less water, though ironically, they also tend to take longer. Start using these settings to use less and help your solar energy go further.

Do Your Heaviest Energy-Eating Activities at Night

If you’re on a split tariff and also have a battery to capture your solar energy, then your best time to do heavy, energy-intensive activities like your washing is at night. This way, you can use all the energy your home captures in the day and can also benefit from the lower tariff from the grid.

Keep Your Solar Panels in Good Condition

Using less energy is all well and good so long as the solar panels themselves are doing their best, too. To make sure that they’re pulling in as much energy as possible at all times, keep track of how much electricity they’re generating, clean them regularly, and remove any obstructions as they come. Between that maintenance and the above eco-friendly tips, you’ll be able to make your solar energy go further.

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