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Why Spring is an Ideal Time to Install Solar Panels

There is never a bad time to install solar panels, as they are available all year round and can provide many benefits to you and the planet. However, as temperatures rise during spring, it might be time to take the plunge and organise an installation. If you need a little convincing, here is why spring is an ideal time to install solar panels.

Maximise Longer Days

Longer days are a reality once spring arrives, as you can expect to enjoy approximately 12 hours of daylight per day throughout the season. More daylight equals more sunlight for your solar panels to absorb, helping them to generate a considerable amount of energy daily to power your home.

Power Your Home During Summer

As your home will generate much energy during spring, you can reduce your reliance on the grid throughout summer, and you may not even need it at all with battery storage. It will prevent high electricity bills throughout the sunny seasons, helping to boost your finances or fund additional home improvements during or after summer.

Sell More Energy Back to the Grid

The chances are you will not use a considerable amount of energy during summer, as longer days and shorter nights will reduce the need to illuminate your home. Also, you and your loved ones may spend more time outdoors, meaning you will not need to power up a TV, computers, or video game consoles as much.

Our Milton Keynes solar panels and battery storage system will allow you to sell more excess energy generated during spring and summer back to the grid. For instance, you could save hundreds of pounds and use the money to heat your home during winter, boost your savings, or pay various bills. Once you start reaping the rewards, you’ll wish you invested in them much sooner.

Protect Your Finances Against Rising Energy Prices

Recent rising energy prices may have led to you considering a solar panel installation. After all, they can protect your finances against future energy increases that may take a toll on people’s outgoings.

Generating renewable energy means you will become less reliant on the expensive grid and could increase your bank balance. Therefore, you will save more money this year by installing solar panels in spring.

Beat the Crowds for a Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners start considering renewable energy once the sun starts to shine. For this reason, solar installations often rise in popularity during summer, as daylight lasts for approximately 15 hours each day. A springtime installation will help you beat the crowds, as there will be less demand for panels near you. Also, spring weather makes it easier for our skilled, hardworking team to perform a quick, hassle-free solar panel installation.

If you would like to install a solar panel installation this spring, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful, friendly team on 01296 841108 or enter your details in the Request a Call form on our homepage. Alternatively, you can email for more information or to arrange an installation.

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