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Why Summer is the Best Time to Install Solar Panels

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

An estimated 900,000 homes in the UK have solar panels in use, with solar energy accounting for 4% of our total electricity generation.

If you think that solar panels are a good fit for your household, but you have not yet bitten the bullet, then there are a few things that you should know.

In the past decade, the cost of installing solar panels has dropped by a massive 82%. Furthermore, solar panels with battery storage that operate under the Smart Expo Guarantee can pay for themselves in as little as 6 years.

Getting close to being ready to sign on the dotted line?

Read on to discover why summer is the best time to install solar panels. Plus, where to buy the best solar panels for your home.

Lower energy bill

Although your energy bill is probably at its highest over the winter months, summer can also be a costly time for many homeowners.

If you have children who have broken up for the summer holidays, then they are likely to be running their various electronics all-day (and sometimes night) long.

When you choose to install solar panels during July or August, you can expect your summer energy bill to go down rather than up.

More daylight hours

If you want to get your solar panel system in place and ready to use in record time, then summer is the perfect time of year, as you have more daylight hours to work with.

On average, you get 4-5 hours more of daylight than in the winter, which equates to a lot more working time for your chosen installation team.

Start the solar panel installation process today by contacting our solar panel installers in Aylesbury here.

Less disruption

In the winter, bad weather, such as heavy rain and snow, can affect the installation of your solar panels, delaying your schedule and potentially increasing costs.

However, when you choose to install a solar panel energy system during the summer, you are much less likely to be disrupted by bad weather, and your solar panels will be ready and working in record time.

More availability

Many homeowners choose to have solar panels installed in autumn so that they are up and running in time for winter. This means that, during these months of the year, solar panel installers are high in demand. This makes it harder to find one that is available, and you may also notice that some installers up their fees.

Instead, choose to book a solar panel installer in July or August, and you will find many more are available, and you may even be able to negotiate cheaper rates.

Store energy for winter

In summer, the sun shines a lot more than it does at other times of the year. This means that you can harness the power of the sun to its full potential once your solar panels have been installed.

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