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Zappi Solar EV Charger Guide

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A quick tour of the capabilities of the Zappi charger!

You can see on the screen of the MyEnergi Zappi EV charger that two CT clamps fitted at the mains are monitoring for importing and exporting electricity in an out of your home via the grid and via battery storage and/or solar panels. The CT clamps can be hard wired into the charger or wirelessly connected with a Myenergi Harvi device.

On the top right (1.4kW) from the image of the electricity pylon, this is the regular energy you are paying for which is imported from the grid.

On the top left (1kW) from the image of the sun, this is energy generated by your solar panels.

In the centre (2.4kW) from the image of the house, this is your total energy usage from the grid and PV solar panels. If the energy generated from the solar panels increased above 2.4kW then you would stop importing any electricity from the grid.

On the bottom right you are shown the kW of energy used to charge your car and the total amount of kWh used during that charge session. When charging you will see the same arrow going from the charge to car like the top two images.

If you are interested in learning more please get in touch or request a quote

The Zappi has 3 charge settings: Fast, ECO & ECO +

Fast Mode is the fastest mode of charging and will use electricity from the grid to charge at the maximum 7kW, unless load management is limiting the charge rate to protect the electrical installation.

ECO Mode uses all the energy generated by your solar panels but if the panels are generating less than 6amps or you are using a lot of energy around your home, then it will allow some energy from the grid to reach the minimum of 6amp charge current. This means your car will always been charging even if it is only slowly.

ECO + Mode only allows EV charging from energy generated by your solar panels, so once the sun goes down your EV will no longer charge or if you use all the available solar energy around your home. This is the slowest but most economical method of charging, you are charging your electric vehicle completely for free and will emit zero emissions when travelling!

The Zappi is one of Now EV's favourite EV chargers to install in Aylesbury, so if you are looking to future proof for solar panels but need to get EV charging now or you already have PV solar panels and have recently purchased an EV, then please get in touch to arrange a free quote for this charger!

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