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Zappi V2.1 - Zappi Solar EV Charger

Zappi V2.1 - Zappi Solar EV Charger

British made quality. Micro-generation charging specialist with 3 charging settings to utilise surplus energy from your solar panels or other energy source! View Zappi's data sheet here


New V2.1 no longer needs an external hub for Wifi connection!


Fast Mode is the maximum current charged through power from the grid, this should be the full 7.2kW unless the load management is limiting the charge current to protect the electrical installation.


ECO Mode tries to use as much surplus energy generated by your solar panels as possible. If the panels are not generating enough energy or you are using a lot of the surplus energy around your home then it will allow some energy from the grid to top up the charge to a minimum of 6amps. This means your car will always been charging even if it is only slowly.


ECO + Mode only allows EV charging from surplus energy genereated by your solar panels or other source of energy, so once the sun goes down or your batteries drain your EV will no longer charge. This is the slowest but most economical method of charging as you can charge for free!


Get in touch with our team of Zappi installers, who can answer all of your questions regarding Zappi charger installation costs, as well as different solar EV charger options. If you don’t have solar panels installed, you’re bound to have an excellent EV charging experience when choosing Now EV.

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