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FoxESS Battery Storage

FoxESS Battery Storage

FoxESS offers a superb range of hybrid and battery-only inverters with highly expandable high-voltage battery storage solutions. Their impressive range also includes micro-inverters, All-In-One units, and PV string inverters. 


The Energy Cube ECS range of solar battery storage is scalable from 5.76 up to 42.66kWh single phase and 83.88kWh three phase. The single phase inverters are capable of up to 10kW of power output, rivaling SolarEdge for massive single phase generation and battery charging. 


With the second generation H1 single phase hybrid inverter, EPS back up supply is not just a possibility, it's a reality. These hybrid inverters can be installed as PV only string inverters or as battery only chargers, providing you with the flexibility to add solar panels or battery storage at a later date. 


FoxESS is owned by the global conglomerate Tsinghan Group and UK stakeholders. Tsinghan Group is the world's leading nickel producer and top four lithium resource holder, giving FoxESS a unique advantage over competitors because it controls the entire production process and can offer high quality battery storage at the lowest prices.

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