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Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

The newly released Hypervolt Home 3 Pro sees significant increases in the quality of the our casing, hardware and firmware from the older Hypervolt Home 2.0. Featuring an injection moulded case with wire free and user replaceable front cover, and much brighter LED lights even in direct sunlight. 


Possibly the most popular EV charger amongst EV drivers, a very simple and tidy EV charger installation.


  • LED Lighting - Lighting options updated by Hypervolt regularly 
  • Smart Home - Comunicates with Amazon Alexa
  • Connectivity - WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Solar capability - Includes CT clamp to unlock solar EV charging
  • Load Management - Inclides CT clamp to protect main fuse from overload


Available with 5m, 7,5m or 10m cable lengths in Ultra Black, Ultra White or Space Grey!

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