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Ohme home ev charger installed on a wall

Ohme Home Charger in Aylesbury - Ohme Car Charger

Ohme offers you a home charging solution that protects your car, your purse, and our planet. The Ohme Home Pro is our recommened EV charger but also trusted by most energy suppliers that offer EV charger installations, like Octopus energy. 


All Ohme chargers work with full compatibility with Octopus Intelligent and Agile tariffs, without the need for a compatible electric car.


Untethered Ohme E-Pod version now available!!


- Intelligent tech integrates with your energy tariff so you can charge at the cheapest times.

- Brand new LCD screen is the first of its kind, and allows you to control your charging from the charger itself.

- Keep control of your costs with the max price cap setting and track your CO2 consumption with the 'Green Score' feature

Colour: Black
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