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Tigo optimiser on solar panel

Tigo Optimiser Systems

Tigo optimisers systems are the ideal solution to optimise your solar panel system. It maximises power production by eliminating the impact of shading and other performance issues whilst seamlessly integrating with your solar panels. The only optimiser system that can work with any solar panel and inverter!


A Tigo optimiser is attached to the underside of each solar panel affected by shading or to every panel if full deployment on an entire array is required. The TS4 optimisers wirelessly communicated with a Tigo Access Point on the roof which is wired to a Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced module installed somewhere near your inverter. Every optimised solar panel is then commissioning to the online Tigo portal for remote monitoring of the system. Using the desktop portal or mobile app you can find your solar array exactly as it is on your roof and each solar panel can be located if it needs replacing in the future.


Whether you have a residential or commercial solar installation, Tigo Optimisers are a smart choice for improving efficiency and performance of your solar panels. Fully installated and commisioned by Now EV!

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